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The Institution

VBT Bank & Trust, LTD. is a financial institution dedicated to offer its private and exclusive clients, a broad selection of banking products, trust and investment services; based on a clear philosophy of preserving assets, discretion, and high quality service.

VBT Products and Services have been designed with the objective of granting its customers the possibility of being able to integrate all their patrimonial needs through a sole relationship: from daily banking operations, through designing and administrating sophisticated schemes of personal planning, befitting with a long term relationship.

In order to achieve this and guarantee its clients the highest quality in the execution of transactions, custody and administration of investments, VBT Bank & Trust LTD complements its own capacity with those of the most prestigious banks, brokers and administrators of portfolios of worldwide financial industry.

VBT Bank & Trust, Ltd. is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") and operates under the Cayman Islands Legislative and Regulatory Framework.

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