In order to satisfy your patrimonial planning needs, VBT Bank & Trust offers specialized services to constitute and design property structures for banking and investment accounts, with an ample advisory service and under highly competitive cost program.

Wealth Management

Asset Management

Asset Allocation is an investment strategy that contributes to reduce the risk of your investment portfolio and improve its potential yield.  This is achieved through the technical allotment of your investments to the different types of assets: cash, stock and bonds, according to your risk profile and investment objectives.

This way, your portfolio is not exposed to the market volatility of a single class of assets and allows you to focus on longer market cycles and not on short-term fluctuations.

The service comprises three phases, which are interrelated among them in order to maintain your investment portfolio suited to the strategy and objectives established at the onset of the relationship:

  • Development of your profile as an investor.  Setting your objectives.  Design of the investment plan.
  • Asset Allocation Proposal and initial investment portfolio
  • Continued analysis and personal contact. Rebalancing of your investment portfolio to keep it in agreement with the established investment plan

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