Credit Cards

Gold VISA card - Backup and solvency of a Bank with a tradition of over 25 years

With the backup and tradition of our Bank in the Cayman Islands we offer you the Gold Visa card so that you can make cash withdrawals at ATMs and purchases at shops, hotels, restaurants and establishments that operate with the VISA® Franchise around the world.

Accepted internationally, it is the most practical and secure solution for your pleasure or business trips.

Together with Evertec, a processing company certified by Visa Inc. ®, we have the required infrastructure and know-how to guarantee the operability and continuity of the business.

VBT Bank & Trust, Ltd. invests in state-of-the-art technological developments to offer the best service to its card holders.  Customers receive an e-mail notice for each purchase made as an added value in terms of security and reliability.


  • To have an active account or product with the Bank as primary customer
  • To have an active savings account with sufficient funds available at the time monthly purchase amounts are debited (minimum or total payment as requested)
  • Blocking of an amount equal to 100% of the approved limit (security) in the customer’s account
  • Filling out the Application Form and signing the Card Use Agreement.
  • For more information about credit cards please contact your financial advisor or our office.

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