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Our History and Background

VBT Bank & Trust, Ltd. formerly Venecredit Bank & Trust, Ltd. (hereafter “the Bank”), was incorporated as an exempted company under the Companies laws of the Cayman Islands on March 23, 1987 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of VBT Holdings, Ltd., which is also incorporated in the Cayman Islands. On 1998, the acquisition by the Bank of a fellow subsidiary, Venecredit International Banking, Ltd., incorporated in 1980, was completed and the resulting institution named Venecredit Bank & Trust, Ltd. On February 2012 by a special resolution of the sole shareholder the Bank changes its name to VBT Bank & Trust, Ltd.

The Bank hold a category B banking and Trust license under the Bank and Trust Companies Law, a Mutual Fund Administrator’s license under the Mutual Fund Law, as well as a Securities Investment Business license under the Securities Business Investment Law. The Bank is a broker member of the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange and a member of Visa International and SWIFT. The Bank is engaged in providing offshore banking and trust services.

The businesses core are basically those of private banking, this includes the reception of deposits in different currencies featuring savings, call accounts and time deposits.

The Bank is continuously procuring financing to individuals and corporations pursuant conservative criteria, both for credit analysis and collateral.

Provision of portfolio management services, which may be subcontracted with high grade and well known financial institutions; distribution of third parties financial products such as Mutual funds whose managers are of the sound reputation are also being offered.

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