In order to satisfy your patrimonial planning needs, VBT Bank & Trust offers specialized services to constitute and design property structures for banking and investment accounts, with an ample advisory service and under highly competitive cost program.

Wealth Management

Private Banking

This is the Asset Allocation System that VBT Bank & Trust, Ltd. has designed to make it possible for its customers to put together investment portfolios that will allow them to achieve their middle- and long term wealth planning goals, in a secure and planned fashion.  The service is based on the technical selection of the best international mutual funds, combining the experience of VBT Bank & Trust, Ltd. and the capabilities of the best investment portfolio managers worldwide.

The selection is reviewed periodically and is based on variables such as historical performance, volatility and consistency of the managers in handling the different types of assets successfully (monetary markets, stocks and bonds) in both developed and emerging markets.

To get more information on the way this service can help you put together an investment portfolio that will allow you to reach your wealth planning objectives, and to obtain a personalized proposal, please consult your Financial Advisor.

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